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Homepage of Contestgroup Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

Welcome to the webpage of PI4DX.

Hello and welcome to the website of the PI4DX contest group Zeeuws Vlaanderen. The PI4DX contest group is a pretty active group of contest enthusiastic ham's so chances are you worked us during one of the contests.

The idea to build a contest station in the South West part of the Netherlands (the province of Zeeland) was first born in the summer of 2007. During this summer Erik PD1DX and Johan PD2DX met each other and found out that they both shared the same goal of building a contest station in the province of Zeeland. In 2008 their plans became reality and the PI4DX callsign was used for the first time during the 2008 Worked All Asia contest.

The PI4DX contest station is set-up in a former house of Erik and his family. The station has 3 towers, 2 of which are rotatable and 1 is a smaller tower which was previously used for TV antennas. These towers contain several large homebrew monoband yagi's for the contest bands. We also have a 5 band log periodic beam, a phased array for 80 meters, several dipoles, a  loop for receiving and a couple of beverages.

The contest station is set-up for Single Operator, Multi-Single or Multi-Two contesting. For the switching of all the antennas we use a sophisticated switching system. For each of the operating positions we have low power band pass filters  and home brew coax stubs to suppress the harmonics even further.

The transceivers we use are the transceivers of our members which we set-up at the station for each contest. Usually we use Yaesu transmitters which are extremely no nonsense contest proof.

The group consist out 7 members: Erik PD1DX, Johan PD2DX, Willy PA3EVY, Maarten PD2R, Harm PC5Z, Casper PA7DX, Wino PA0ABM and Arnold PA3GDD.

We also have a group of regular guest operators such as Richard PA0RRS, Robert PD7RB, Bram PD3BVI and Jan Willem PA7JWC.

If you hear us during one of the contests, please give us a shout. We certainly would appreciate it.

If you have any questions, feel free to mail Maarten.

CU in the next contest!

73, the PI4DX crew


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