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This is the Homepage of Contestgroup PI4DX


Hello and welcome to the website of PI4DX Contest Group "Zeeuws Vlaanderen" from the Netherlands.

"Zeeuws-Vlaanderen" is the very lowest part of the province "Zeeland" located to the Belgian Border.

The PI4DX contest group is a pretty active group of contest enthusiastics HAM's.

So the change that you worked us allready is pretty big. 

The idea to build a contest station in this South West part of The Netherlands was first born in the summer of 2007.

During this summer Erik PD1DX and Johan PD2DX met each other and they founded out that they both share the same goal of building a contest station in this province Zeeland.

In 2008 their plans became reality and the PI4DX callsign was used first in the 2008 Word All Asia Contest.

The PI4DX contest station is a normal house with quite some space arround it and 3 towers with antenna installations.

All antenna solutions are handmade, home brew and monoband.

We use beverages and loop antenna for receiving and have a TH11DX log periodic for the multipliers and WARC,

The transceivers are the onces of our members which we setup for each contest. The group consist of 7 members.

Erik PD1DX is the station owner.

Click on members to find out who they are.

Also we quite a big list of some nice friends and guest operators.

If you hear us during a contest, please give us a shout. We certainly would appreaciate it.

The PI4DX station is also used for emergency communications for the DRCO. See the link in the menu for more information,

If you have any question drop a email to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CU in the next contest,

73 de team PI4DX


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