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Beverage antenna & K9AY Loop

Like every big contest station at PI4DX we do have several receiving antenna systems. We use beverage antennas to several directions, a K9AY loop and even a low dipole for 28 Mhz.

To switch the antenna the operator likes to use we have purchased a 2x8 switch from K9AY. This antenna switch makes it possible to use 8 receive antenne connected to 2 radio at the same time. For 80 & 160 meter we have an option installed with a pre- amplifier and a bandpassfilter wich the operator can switch on and off.

222 2258

 So every operator has his own console box to switch to the antenna he likes

222 2265

 But during the CQWW 2013 contests we discovered all receiving antenna did not peform like before. We checked the switch box and founded a "few" components wich were faulty.

040611 IMG 6604 407 Original

 We even had to make new coils. Probably this all was caused by lightning

Coil Foto 2

 We use an old Marconi 2022 to check the switch

Marconi Foto 4

Here the open antenna box after repair. We were surprised that there is no coax cables used inside but K9AY told us it really makes no difference.

Box Foto 4


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