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80 Meter solutions

At first we just had a dipole and a vertical with not too many radials. We knew that this was not working like it should be. So we added 2 pieces phased 1/4 wave verticals for 3,7 Mhz. It was a giant job just to get all the radials in the ground. (More than 60 pieces for each vertical). We used the comtek PVS-2 to connect the coax cables and control cables. We do not use the original switch box from Comtek but we integrated this switching into the 4O3A solutions. (see other page)

Heredown you can see just an old wooden bar to fixate the vertical and to lift it up and down easy.

80 foto low


80 foto radials low

80-n1-15-REMCO 2186

80-n2-15-REMCO 2191

80-n4-15-REMCO 2201

We solder all the radials to prevent bad connections. The yellow pipe os for the coax and control cables

80m-1 low

In the middle of the 2 verticals the switch box of comtech is located.


80 workinglow

The endresult is really fantastic Just 1 vertical on this picture

80 foto eind low

COMTEK PVS-2 Series Phased Vertical Array Switch Relay Units are typically mounted on a post, positioned half way between the two verticals,  in this phased vertical system. With two vertical antennas, typically installed in Europe in a east-west line, and spaced one quarter wavelength apart, the PVS-2 Series Phased Vertical System produces two opposite end-fire cardioid East and West directional patterns and one broadside-omni pattern, available at the turn of the control console switch. The typical directional gain compared to a single antenna is 3 dB with an F/B ratio of 20 dB or better.


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